Bringing Sparkle to Saanich Peninsula
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WOULD YOU AGREE that nothing says RELAX better than stepping into a fresh and sparkling clean space?

Especially if it’s done FOR YOU with a caring, thorough, and expert touch?

For me, cleaning is the best kind of instant gratification there is, and one of the reasons I love the work I do. Not only do I see results right away, every day I’m rewarded by the smiles on my client’s faces.

When I moved to Vancouver Island in 2016 with little more than the clothes on my back, I was excited about the possibilities my new life would bring. I didn’t realize I’d establish LML Cleaning Services – a highly respected and sought-after cleaning company – that began as a part-time, one client venture. In only two years, it grew into a thriving business comprised of residential and small business customers throughout the Saanich Peninsula.

Is your business office clean?

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Clean and healthy

Cleaning is not just what you see, it is about what you don’t see! Cleaning removes visible soil and debris. Sanitizing reduces bacteria counts to safe levels. Disinfecting eliminates pathogens and bacteria. Our “cleaning for health” strategy ensures maximization of our cleaning results.


Experience, Certification, and Continuous Training are paramount to our program. We are energetic. We have a great attitude. We have a fantastic work ethic…ALWAYS!

Customized cleaning

The best combination of Operator, Products and Tools is essential to the LML Customized Cleaning Plan. We will analyze your home or office. We will implement the most reliable and effective cleaning strategy.

About Us

Amid the Covid19 pandemic
I realized two things:

Amid the Covid19 pandemic
I realized two things:

The word CLEAN would never mean the same thing again.

I was about to face one of my most significant CHALLENGES in my career and things would never be the same again.

Louise Liboiron


In the corporate world, I was well regarded for my positivity, problem-solving skills, strategic approach, and uncanny ability to build trusting relationships with my customers and teams. Whether boosting productivity and revenues through process improvement initiatives or leading my team through difficult transitions, I gave it my all – never backing down from a challenge or letting a setback – like a global pandemic – stand in my way.

Qualified and Accredited

Through ARCSI (Association of Residential Cleaning Services International), I took advantage of their resources and accreditations so we could better help our clients.

My small business clients were assured of a clean and sanitary environment for their patrons and employees while my residential clients relaxed, knowing it was safe to welcome LML into their homes once again. It is a pleasure to implement our healthy home and business cleaning strategy for our clients.

We are an accredited, licensed, insured and WCB protected company.

Clean and Healthy, Professional Service, Customized Plan

Our reputation is spotless

LML grew its client base through referrals and a “count on us” reputation. Whether it’s providing peace of mind, time for more important things, or simply relieving the burden of having them do it themselves, I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve our wonderful clients.

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